World's Fastest Shoes Increase Speed 250%

Robotic Engineers of US company Shift Robotics created the weird and astounding world's fastest shoes, which can push people to walk 250% quicker than usual.

Notably, the quickest shoes have eight wheels, which contribute to enhancing the      user's speed.              

This unique and inventive pair of shoes is known as moonwalkers, and they include a feature that is similar to roller skates.

The moonwalker is basically a shoe strap that propels you forward using tiny electric motors that operate weight wheels.

The shoes are powered by a 300-watt electric motor connected to eight rollerblade wheels, with a top speed of 11kph (7mph) and a range of 10km.

The people who made Moonwalkers say that artificial intelligence helps the drivetrain adapt to different walking styles and make walking look natural.

The mind of the company's creator is responsible for the conception of the idea that would later become this one-of-a-kind item.

When the entrepreneur started walking to work, he saw the lack of powered shoes and decided to create this masterpiece to cut his trip in half.

It should be mentioned that the fastest shoes on the market today have the ability to raise walking speeds from an average of 3mph to 7mph.

Those who have a need for speed can get the techie-wear for the price of $1,399. (Rs 1,15,148.47).