What Sophia Bush Has Been Up To Since One Tree Hill Ended -

One Tree Hill Helped Sophia Bush Become Well Known

The Part Made It Possible For Bush To Feature In Movies Such As Stay Alive And John Tucker Must Die

Bush Is Currently Married To Businessman Grant Hughes

She Is A Highly Outspoken Activist Who Frequently Shares Her Passion For Certain Causes

Bush Has Not Been Afraid To Talk About His Time On One Tree Hill

Since The End Of The Run Of One Tree Hill, What Has Sophia Bush Been Up To?Her Cinematic Career Began In 2002 When She Starred With Ryan Reynolds In National Lampoons Van Wilder Image

She Made Guest Appearances On Shows Including Sabrina The Teenage Witch Niptuck And The Hbo Feature Point Of Origin

Kate Brewster Was Portrayed By Bush In Terminator 3 Rise Of The Machines

She Was Too Young For The Part And The Director Had Her Film For A Week