Top 10 Expensive Cat Breeds 

British Shorthairs are friendly, affectionate, and more laid-back than other cats. They bond with their owners and get along well with other pets.

The British Shorthair – $1,500


Scottish Folds are loyal companions recognized for their turned-down ears. A farm in Tayside, Scotland spotted their cute trait and created a new breed in the 1960s.

The Scottish Fold – $3,000


The Sphynx is healthy, strong, and resistant to most health concerns. Due to a natural genetic mutation, a domestic cat in Toronto, Canada gave birth to a hairless kitten in 1966.

The Sphynx – $3,000


The Russian Blue's silvery blue coat and emerald eyes made it popular. Smart and friendly, these cats adjust to their owners' moods rapidly. Social but shy around strangers.

The Russian Blue – $3,000


The Peterbald, another gorgeous Russian breed, is an adventurous, curious, smart, and energetic cat with a very short hair coat like a peach or a hairless coat.

The Peterbald – $5,000


While their beginnings were linked to 19th-century Persia, the Persians existed before Christ. Today, it's connected with old Hollywood glamour.

The Persian – $5,500


The Allerca is a breed of cats that have been genetically engineered to be hypoallergenic by blocking the genes that are known to cause allergies in people.

The Allerca – $6,000


Bengal cats are some of the most impressive luxury cats in the world. Their speckled fur, size, and muscle make them beautiful.

The Bengal – $25,000


Savannahs are hybrids of the African Serval and Persian Housecat. Expect fun, jumping, and running from its dog-like behavior.

The Savannah – $50,000


The Ashera is a combination of the African Serval, Domestic Housecat, and Asian Leopard Cat. It's a gorgeous, affectionate, loyal, and smart companion.

The Ashera – $150,000