Social Security 2023: Latest Announcements Here Full Details Look

Full Details Of The Latest Social Security Announcements

Social Security Took Center Stage Last Week When It Was Announced That Beneficiaries Will See Their Biggest Payment Increase In 41 Years

For That They Can Thank An 87 Costofliving Adjustment Designed To Help Seniors And Other Beneficiaries Deal With A Soaring Inflation Rate That Is The Highest In 41 Years

The 87 Cola Is The Biggest Annual Increase Since 1981 And It Will Increase Social Security Benefits By More Than 140 A Month

According To The Ssa, The New Payment Amount For Social Security Will Be In January Of 2023

During The Month Of December, The Ssa Will Mail Notices To Retirement Survivors And Disability Beneficiaries, Along With Ssi Recipients And Representative Payees, To Let Them Know How Much Their New Payment Will Be

If You Haven'T Set Up A Social Security Account, You Need To Do So By Nov 15

The 2023 Cola Will Give Seniors An Average Added Benefit Of More Than 120 For Individuals And More Than 100 For Couples Filing Together

In Some Cases The 87 Increase In Monthly Social Security Payments Will Push Seniors Into Income Ranges Where Social Security Benefits Become Taxable