Powerball Jackpot Hit $800 Million Unclaimed  

The Powerball jackpot for Saturday is now at $800 million, making it the second-largest payout in the game's entire history.

On Wednesday night, a prize worth 700 million dollars went unclaimed. The jackpot was the seventh greatest one that was up for grabs at the time.

Thirty-six straight drawings have gone without a winner. The cash option for $800 million is $383.7 million, or around 48% of the entire prize.

The Powerball game's highest jackpot was $1.586 billion. In 2016, three recipients shared the prize. The winners were from California, Florida, and Tennessee

While the jackpot was not won on Wednesday, over 2.1 million tickets won cash prizes totaling $21.1 million.

The winning numbers were 19-36-37-46-56-24.  Since Aug. 3, no one has matched all six numbers and won the Powerball jackpot.

48 people received $50,000 by matching four numbers and Powerball. 11 more won $100,000 with Powerplay by matching four numbers and the Powerball.

With so many opportunities to win in Powerball and Mega Millions®, it's critical for players to double-check their numbers. Several unclaimed prizes for both games remain unclaimed.

Five Powerball jackpots have already been won this year. Last August. Vermont player won $206.9 million.