On Wwe Raw, Elias Gives An Update On Ezekiel'S Career -

It Was Bad News For The Followers Of The Narrative Image

The Last Time Ezekiel Would Be A Wwe Superstar Image Was This Week

He Referred To The Vicious Assault On His Younger Brother By Kevin Owens

Elias Remarked That It Was Amazing To Be Back

My Younger Brothers Career Was Cut Short

We Have A Saying In Our Family That The Show Must Go On, And I'M Here Tonight For That Reason

Matt Riddle Interrupted Elias As He Was About To Play An Emotional Composition On His Keyboard With A Pair Of Wooden Bongo Drumswhen Riddle Asked If He Wanted To Hit His Bong, The Drifter Insisted That He Only Wanted To Sing His Song

The Returning Superstar Image Is Upset That The Wwe United States Champion Will Eventually Stop Elias Performance

Rollins Won The Main Event To Keep The Title