NASA spotted the Sun smiling joyous moment 

Sometimes all it takes to make your day better is a smile you didn't expect. Well, you can't get much bigger than this kind of pleasant surprise.

NASA astronomers have seen the Sun giving off a remarkable, happy smile. It's a sunny sight that will make you smile.

This amazing picture, which was posted on NASA's  Sun Twitter account, shows that the Sun is shining in more ways than one.

The "smile" we see here isn't a real smile, of course. NASA says that the dark spots are coronal holes, which are places where fast bursts of solar wind shoot out into space.

Out of all the crazy things the Sun is known to do, it just so happens that two of these coronal holes kind of look like twinkling eyes and third strangely looks like a big smile.

What's really going on here is the phenomenon of pareidolia, in which we imagine seeing things like faces in random patterns.

It's just a trick of the mind, but this time it's on a huge, Sun-sized scale. Some Twitter users with sharp eyes have noticed that the Sun's face here doesn't just look like a smile.

The shape of that happy grin looks a lot like the face of the Stay Puft marshmallow man, one of the most famous bad guys from the Ghostbusters movies.

Even the phrase "separated at birth" comes to mind, even though it's just another way that people see things that aren't there.