Michael Jordan Has Admitted That He Is Surprised By The Unusual Training By The 13-Time Nba Champion. -

He Knew He Needed To Win Titles In Order To Be Considered A Sporting Legend

He Was Unable To Win A Ring Because He Was A Lone Superstar

Phil Jackson Was An Assistant Coach For The Bulls

The Triangle Offence Set Up By Jackson Transformed The Bulls Style Of Play

According To Mj Jackson, He Used To Encourage The Group To Gather In A Pitch Black Chamber And Consider Each Member'S Daily Plans And How They Might Benefit The Group As A Whole

Jackson Had A Strong Commitment To Meditation And His Team Often Practiced It

Jackson Helped Develop Jordan Into A Great Leader Even Though He Was Already A Fantastic Individual Player

Jackson Helped The Los Angeles Lakers Capture Two More Titles After Leading Them To Their First Tripledouble

Phil Jackson Has Won 13 Titles, Including 2 As A Player And 11 As A Coach

There Is A Proposal To Freeze Gerard Pique Out Of Clasico