Mcu’S X-Men Will Make Your Captain Marvel Complaints -

The Subject Of Whether Captain Marvel Was Present At The Pivotal Moments Of The Saga Has Come Up Many Times

As A Result Of The Intentions For The Xmen Image, These Canon Discrepancies Will Get Worse

There Was A Standin For Captain Marvel In Avengers Age Of Ultron

The Image Was Introduced At The End Of Phase 3

According To The 1995 Movie Captain Marvel, Denver Was A Superhero

For A Long Time, The Xmen Would Experience A Timeline Issue

The Multiverse Is Being Used By The Mcu To Integrate The Xmen Characters Into The Past Image

Like Doctor Strange In Patrick Stewart'S Professor X In The Multiverse Of Madness And Possibly Hugh Jackmans Wolverine In Deadpool 3, Mutants Are Being Introduced As Part Of The Mcus

Some Xmen Characters, Like Logan And Charles Xavier Magneto, Exist In The Mcu, Even Though Not All Of The Xmen Characters Are Currently Depicted As Superheroes

The Topic Of Where The Xmen And Other Significant Mutants Were At This Time Is Raised