Lebron James Reveals Why Kids Don'T Want To Play American Football -

Bron James Gave An Explanation As To Why He Wouldn'T Allow Bryce And Bronie James To Play Football Until High Schoolsince Making His League Debut, Lbj Has Established Himself As The Leagues Face And For The Past 19 Years Has Exceeded Expectations

James Name Won'T Be Forgotten In The Nba Anytime Soon, As He Was In The Waning Stages Of A Fantastic Career

The Lebrons Kids Have Decided To Keep Their Basketball Player Fathers Heritage Image

If They Had Chosen Football Image, Things May Have Turned Out Differently

According To Lebron, He Wouldn'T Allow His Children To Play Football Until High School

It Will Be Eight Years From Now When Lebron Learns That His Children Choose Basketball

Critics Are Interested In Scrutinizing Bronie And Bryce Jamess Games

There Is A Chance That Lebron Will Play With One Of His Boys

Brawn Has Solidified His Status As One Of The Best Players In League History While Still In His Prime And Came Close To Capturing The Scoring Crown Last Season