How Xi Jinping Made Himself Unchallengeable -

It Was Thought That Xi Jinping Would Become The Most Blunt Chinese Forerunner In Many Years

He Is Set To Get A Third Term In Power

Since His Dad Was One Of The Country'S Progressive Chiefs, Little Was Known About Mr Xi

The Help Of Party Older Folks Was Critical To His Ascent To Drive Inside The Chinese Socialist Coalition

After 10 Years, His Power Is Unparalleled

The Founder Of Communist China Once Said Political Power Comes From The Barrel Of A Gun

The Most Stunning Cases Were In The Year 2014, And 2015, When Previous Cmc Bad Habit Executive Xu Caihou And Previous Pla General Guo Boxiong Were Blamed For Debasement

The Ability Undermines The Influence Of A Former Chinese Leader

The Structure Of The Army Was Changed In 2015

He Replaced The Four Military Central Command Staff Issues With 15 More Modest Organizations