House Of The Dragon’ Episode 9 Recap -

She Is Attempting To Advance Her Own Power Project Image

The Queen Is Putting Her Children To Bed In Dragonstone While Excitedly Anticipating Her Return To The Throne

I Wanted To Make Up For Missed Time With A Friend From My Youth Like The Rest Of The Game Of Thrones

She Must Control Her Exdaughterinlaw Image

After Decades Of Suffering, The Peaceful King Viserys Paddy Considine Passed Away

King Aegon Was Criticized By The Queen For His Firstborn Child Image

Viserys Wouldn'T Want To Lose His Daughter

Following The Conclusion Of The Council Meeting, Alicent Andotto Seek Out The King To Inform Him Of His Father'S Departure

The Prospective King Is Brought To The Queen By Himself

The Secondborn Prince Tells The Kingsguard That He Is More Qualified To Rule Than His Older Brother