Full Stack             Developer

Want to br a Full Stack Developer see the Roadmap of Full Stack Developer to more clear future of full stack developer


Full Stack Development is a software profession/stream where a developer deals with both the Frontend (client-side) and Backend (server-side) of a tech product



key responsibilities of a Full Stack developer:

1. Working with the plan group for the advancement of the site or web application 2. Consistently streamlining the product through troubleshooting and testing Making back-end data sets and servers

3. To create, test, and maintain the responsive application designs 4.  Using advanced technology to thoroughly optimize the software 5.  Client communication (understanding what the client wants/taking regular insights regarding the product)

In the event that you're searching for a profession in full-stack improvement, you first need to get top to bottom information about fundamental programming dialects, which include both front-end and back-end advancements.

Roadmap  for Full Stack development

HTML: Used for structuring the website content. Acts as the backbone of the front end. CSS: Used for layouts and styling (fonts, colors, etc.). It styles the front end so that it looks appealing to the user..

Front-end Technologies

JavaScript: Provides functionalities to the front-end elements. For example, clicking the submit button submits/sends the form data to the backend after validating the inputs on the front-end side.

Front-end Technologies

Java: A programming language used for developing enterprise-scale web applications. Python: Another programming language often used for data analysis and data visualization. SQL: A database query language used for backend database management.

Back-end technologies

PHP: One of the backend programming languages used to manage data (from a database) and handle frontend requests.

MERN Stack: MERN stands for MongoDB, Express, React, and Node, after the four key technologies that make up the stack.

A total Guide for Full Stack Engineer

Express(.js) — a Node.js web framework used to build backend apps and APIs using JavaScript. React(.js) — a client-side JavaScript framework used to build the user interface. Node(.js) — the premier JavaScript web server.