Doctor Phils Net Worth 2022 

Phillip Calvin McGraw, who goes by the name "Dr. Phil," is an American TV host, author, psychologist, and host of the TV show "Dr. Phil."

Dr. Phil's (Phil McGraw) net worth is about $470 million, and most of that money comes from his TV shows.

Phillip McGraw was born in Vinita, Oklahoma, on September 1, 1950. Anne Geraldine and Joseph J. McGraw are his parents.

Deana, Donna, and Brenda were the names of his three sisters. They grew up in North Texas oil fields.

Phil and Gary Dobbs founded Courtroom Sciences Inc. It became a successful business that advised Fortune 500 businesses and helped injured people secure compensation.

In 1999, Dr. Phil wrote "Life Strategy: Doing What Works, Doing What Matters," which became a big hit.

He chose to start his own talk show called "Dr. Phil." The first episode aired on September 16, 2002.

 As a clinical and forensic psychologist, he gives advice on the show in the form of "life strategies."

McGraw met and started dating Robin Jo Jameson. In 1976, they got married. Jay McGraw and Jordan McGraw are the couple's two children.