Billie Eilish Sparks Rumours She'S Dating Rocket Jessie -

A Person Is Holding Hands With A Singer

The Leader Of The Neighborhood Was Spotted With A Pop Singer

There Are Online Images Of A Couple Holding Hands At A Halloween Horror Night

According To Reports, They Were Eating Dinner Together At A Square Kitchen In Los Angeles

Billy And Jessie Ate Dinner At The Crossroads Kitchen In West Hollywood

They Were There For Three Hours And It Looked Like A Pasta Dish

Billy Kissed Jesse On The Cheek Throughout Dinner And Long Caressed The Back Of Her Head Before They Shared A Kiss On The Lipsbilly And The Diner Had A Great Relationship And The Diner Posted The Following On The Website

He Never Moved From His Seat During The Meal

They Exchanged Glances And Kept Their Attention On One Another