Ariel Elias Performs On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jimmy Kimmel keeps his promises. The guest roster for Jimmy Kimmel Live! for next week has been announced,  Ariel Elias will appear on October 24.

You might recall that Ariel Elias is the comic who received a full beer hurled at her while performing by the husband of a belligerent heckler.

It was Elias' reaction that caused the video to go viral: She grabbed the beer and chugged it with zeal.

When Kimmel praised her "brave performance" on Twitter, Elias took another risk and asked Kimmel if she could make her "late night debut" on his show.

The host of Jimmy Kimmel Live! had the following response: "absolutely." Since then, he has fulfilled his end of the deal.

Later New York–based comedian Ariel Elias,  made her first late-night appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on October 24, Monday

In the set, Elias doesn't describe being pelted with beer for MAGA, but he does explore growing up Jewish in Kentucky, body dysmorphia, and the unpopularity of wanting kids in 2022.

This set follows word that Kimmel will reopen his Las Vegas comedy club, Jimmy Kimmel's Comedy Club, on November 3.

If that happens, the time it takes for comedy clips to go viral and then show up on his late-night show may be even shorter.