Action-Adventure Game Bayonetta 3 Release Date -

The Nintendo Switch Image Will Be Exclusive To Bayonetta 3

Bayonetta 3 Was Created By Platinumgames And Was Released By Nintendo

The Players Assume Control Of The Umbral Witch Who Engages In Frantic Outrageous Action Against Demonic Homunculi

The Time Slowing Witch Time Skill And The Gun Of Bayonetta Can Be Used

Attacks And Abilities Can Be Combined To Create Amazing Combinations

Bayonetta 3 Is A Sequel To The Nintendo Switch

Fans Of Bayonetta Have Been Waiting For A Long Time, But So Far It Has Been Worth It

In A Cinematic Trailer, We Learned What Kind Of Story We Can Expect From Bayonetta 3

A Long Time Has Passed Since The Last Update