A Lot Of Power Is What Marjorie Taylor Greene Wants From Kevin Mccarthy

The Notice Was Sent By Marjorie Taylor Green

Marjorie Taylor Green Is A Popular American Politician

Georgia'S 14Th Congressional District Has Had A Us Representative Since 2021

A Member Of The Republican Party Is A Strong Supporter Of The Former President

Robert Draper Wrote That A Speaker Would Have No Choice But To Use Greens That Are Offensive

They Will Be Very Sad If He Doesn'T Add It

I Think This Is The Best Way To Read It And It'S Not A Threat At All

Marjorie Is One Of The Most Generous People In The House

She Raised 74 Million In Her First Year

Green Has Promoted Conspiracy Theories

There Are White Genocide Conspiracy Theories As Well As Other Conspiracy Theories

A Star'S Personal Hygiene Is Questionable