11 Interesting Facts About BTS

This indicates that he is capable of writing with either his left hand or right hand.

V is ambidextrous 


Once, he said, "I would probably be a composer if I weren't a rapper because I love music so much."

If suga weren’t in bts, he’d still be making music 


He seems to think that they could blow up at any time, which is...fair.

Jungkook is low-key afraid of microwaves 


He does this because he wants to "keep them pure."

J-hope is the only member of bts who doesn’t have pierced ears 


He was known as "Gloss" in the underground rap scene before he changed his name to "Suga." His real name is Min Yoon-gi.

Suga used to go by the name “gloss” 


He almost went by the stage name "Baby G," but he chose not to.

Jimin is one of the only bts members who uses his real name 


It's hard to imagine calling BTS anything else, but they were almost called Big Kidz or Young Nation.

The band almost went by a different name 


They still hang out together a lot. RM says, "Everyone get together."

BTS used to live in one room together


This means that they make up, write, edit, and record all of their songs.

BTS produces their own music


Which is a well-known way of saying "Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth"

Fans of bts call themselves “the army” 


Jimin said, "We can converse without words by watching each other and reading expressions."

They can quite literally communicate without words