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Introduction to CSS

CSS Stand for Cast-Cading Style sheet, It is used to style the html page, and give a look of website, create intractive design. In Html use of css, Html is just an skeleton  layout of a website. We need CSS to design a website, add style to it and make it look beautiful.

Real Example :-


Types of CSS

There are 3 types of CSS so there are 3 ways to include CSS in the document –

• Inline CSS

• Internal CSS

• External CSS

Inline CSS

Inline CSS applies the style to a single element while that element is present in the body section. The style attribute is applied along with that single element in continuation.


Internal CSS

Internal CSS applies the CSS on a single page hence it is also known as Embedded CSS. It can include in the top of the document.

The internal CSS includes within the

<style>…</style> tag and this <style> tag is included in the <head> section

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Internal CSS

<!DOCTYPE html>




  .class name {





External CSS

External CSS is the best way to apply styles on multiple pages. You must add a link of the external CSS file in the section

Advantage :-

• It is easy to maintain the code.

• We can make Changes directly to one file instead

of making changes to multiple HTML files.\

• It reduces the number of lines of code.

How to Include External CSS

External CSS must be included in <head> section as below :

image 1

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