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Hello Welcome to My Blog Today I share about Html, Html is most useful markup language for web designer and developer, It is basic language to start website design course.

Firstly I talk about html, where use this language and why use this so lets going on the topic.

What is HTML ?

Html is Hyper Text Markup Language, It is used for buil a website, Html mainly used to Create a building bloj of web pages. We use Html tags to define look & feel of a website, With Understanding of these tags and how to put them together, we can create a beautiful website easily, It is used to define a page layout.

What should be learn in html ?

In Html Interviews Firstly learn about all topic in html, learn minimum basic topic because its basic part of your career and web designer future.

Syllabus :- About Html, Elements, Attributes, The Anchor Tag, Meta Tag, Htmll Tags.

What is Html Tag

Tag is represent the root of html document, A HTML tag is a piece of markup language used to demonstrate the start and end of a HTML component in a HTML report.

An HTML tag is a particular word or letter enclosed by angle brackets, < and >. You utilize tags to build HTML components, such as sentences or links.

List of Html Tags

TagTypeWhat It Is
<p>HTML Text TagsParagraph
<h1>HTML Text TagsHeading 1
<h2>HTML Text TagsHeading 2
<h3>HTML Text TagsHeading 3
<h4>HTML Text TagsHeading 4
<h5>HTML Text TagsHeading 5
<h6>HTML Text TagsHeading 6
<strong>HTML Text TagsStrong
<em>HTML Text TagsEmphasis
<abbr>HTML Text TagsAbbreviation
<address>HTML Text TagsContact Information
<bdo>HTML Text TagsOverride The Current Text Direction
<blockquote>HTML Text TagsContent From Another Source
<cite>HTML Text TagsTitle Of The Work, Book, Website
<q>HTML Text TagsInline Quotation
<code>HTML Text TagsDisplay A Part Of Programming Code
<ins>HTML Text TagsText Inserted
<del>HTML Text TagsText Deleted From The Document
<dfn>HTML Text TagsTerm Defined Within A Sentence/Phrase
<kbd>HTML Text TagsKeyboard Input
<pre>HTML Text TagsPreformatted Text
<samp>HTML Text TagsSample Output Of A Computer Program
<var>HTML Text TagsVariable Name Used In Mathematical Or Programming Context
<br>HTML Text TagsSingle Line Break
<div>HTML Text TagsDivision
<a>HTML Link TagsAnchor Tag For A Link
<base>HTML Link TagsBase Url For All Relative Url Within The Document
<img>HTML Image And Object TagsImage
<area>HTML Image And Object TagsArea Of An Image Map
<map>HTML Image And Object TagsImage Map
<param>HTML Image And Object TagsParameter For An <Object> Element
<object>HTML Image And Object TagsEmbed An Object
<ul>HTML List TagsUnordered List
<ol>HTML List TagsOrdered List
<li>HTML List TagsList
<dl>HTML List TagsDescription List
<dt>HTML List TagsTerm In Description List
<dd>HTML List TagsDefinition/Description Of A Term In Description List
Html tag list


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