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As we head into the tail end of 2022, all the major smartphone releases are in the rearview mirror. The next big mobile gadget release comes in early 2023 when Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S23. Technically, Samsung hasn’t confirmed that, but we know it’s happening thanks to a cursory reading of history and numerous leaks. There’s yet another Galaxy S23 leak, purporting to describe the specs of Samsung’s next flagship.

The leak comes by way of Yogesh Brar, who has a record of providing accurate spec details of upcoming smartphones. Aside from Brar’s record, the rumored specs are so predictably boring as to be 100 percent believable — the Galaxy S23 is shaping up to be another incremental improvement, which is all we can expect in the standard smartphone category these days.

According to Brar, the base model Galaxy S23 will be built around the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. Based on Samsung’s recently expanded partnership with Qualcomm, this could be the chip used in all versions of the Galaxy S23, whereas previous Galaxy S phones used Exynos chips in many international markets. RAM will be 8GB only, but you’ll have the choice between 128 and 256GB of storage.

This device will be the smallest in Samsung’s S23 lineup, which will almost certainly include a Plus and Ultra variant. The S23 will reportedly have a 6.1-inch 1080p OLED with a 120Hz refresh rate, just like the current-gen S22. 2022 will be the camera setup with a 50MP primary, 12MP ultrawide, and 10MP telephoto. The selfie camera remains at 10MP as well.

Samsung dropped a little battery capacity in the S22 versus the S21, but it reverses the trend in the S23. Brar claims the S23 will go up to 3,900mAh, but charging will remain at a mere 25W wired and 15W wireless.

A previous leak showed the alleged design of the S23 (top), which will borrow more from the S22 Ultra than the base model S22. It’s shaping up to be a very modest upgrade. Anyone who has a Galaxy S22 should probably count on holding onto it for another year. If you’re due for an upgrade and want a smaller flagship phone, the S23 looks like a fine device.

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